Registration Deadline: August 31, 2012

Applying to LIFE

There are three simple stages to the application process, and an application fee of $100.
  • Stage I - Complete the form on the left and submit. If you experience difficulties, please email with the appropriate information.
  • Stage II - After submitting this application, (1) send us your resume/CV, (2) pay the  application fee of $100, and (3) send us the names and contact information of two references. We will then schedule a quick conversation with Stephanie Goldshmid, our Recruitment Director.
  • Stage III - Personal interview with the LIFE Director, Yonatan Glaser and another member of the LIFE team. Within days of the interview, LIFE will inform you about your acceptance. If accepted, we'll forward an acceptance pak that includes all the additional information LIFE will need to have before you can participate, including medical forms and the like. You will also receive a tuition payment schedule at that time.

To see more details about these stages, see the Acceptance page.


The LIFE program is open to Jewish young adults aged 21-30 from North America, Israel and around the world who;
  • Seek an International Development service learning program that will allow them to contribute to social change for some of the most disadvantaged groups in Israel and India.  
  • Are serious about creating social change and furthering social justice
  • Have the temperament and background that will help you successfully complete an exhilarating and demanding set of experiences.
As an officially recognized program of Masa Israel Journey, eligible participants can receive between $3000 and $4500 towards there participation. See more scholarship and funding information.

North Americans can receive a $3000 universal Masa grant (and apply for an additional $1500 grant) if they are:
  • Jewish
  • Between ages 18-30
  • Not be an Israeli citizen OR if you are, you must have left Israel before the age of fourteen
  • Not have traveled on an organized long-term program in Israel since September 2004.
LIFE Program
Social Change & Leadership Development
In Israel and India

Application Stage I & Program Eligibility

   LIFE Application - Stage I

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                   2) Have you experienced living in a group?  Please provide details.
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