LIFE Program
Social Change & Leadership Development
In Israel and India

There's a lot to LIFE!

The LIFE program is unique in many ways. LIFE provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to effect social change in the lives of people in India and in Israel. At the same time, you will expand your personal and professional horizons by living, learning and working in two of the most exciting cultures on earth – cultures that are in many ways diametrically opposed to one another yet they share a startling number of commonalities.  Learn more about why LIFE is active in both India and Israel.

Program Start: October 16, 2012
Program Finishes: July 15, 2013
Applications are now being accepted.

Starting in early October 2012, the program itself is divided into three main stages. 

Stage I

Orientation for LIFE – The first month of the program is dedicated to orienting you and the other participants to what you will experience in India and Israel.

In Israel:

We meet in Israel for two intensive weeks of preparation and learning before flying to India as a group. During the Israel-based orientation, participants will get to know one another, travel throughout Israel to learn about key issues related to social innovation, community and the founding ideas of Zionism. We will also explore together each individuals intentions and expectations for LIFE and undergo training in cultural expectations for India, within workplace and outside of it. In most cases, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about your specific Indian internship and perhaps even squeeze in a meeting with Israelis working in the same field prior to the flight to India.

In India:

Week One – Mumbai: After a group flight to India (covered as a part of your tuition), you and your fellow participants will spend a week in Mumbai, India’s largest city, before making your way to Hyderabad where you’ll live and intern during for the second stage of the program. In Mumbai, we’ll get our first orientation to LIFE in India through experiencing some local culture, touring select sites and meeting with leaders within the social sector as well as top Indian business leaders. In addition, we’ll have the opportunity to meet with members of Mumbai’s Jewish community and hear the story of this unique Kehila (community).

Week Two – Hyderabad: The overnight train or bus ride to Hyderabad, our home for LIFE, is an experience that you’ll never forget and is in itself an orientation to India. Upon arrival, we’ll get settled into our apartment and work as a group to complete all the final preparations.  To bring you up to speed as quickly as possible so you can begin independent LIFE in Hyderabad, we’ll take a tour of the city, show you how to get things done – from arranging transportation to shopping the India way – and accompany you to your first meeting with your internship site.

Stage II 

LIFE in India, for the next three months, from the end of October through the beginning of February – you’ll live together with your fellow participants in our Hyderabad apartment.  Your week will consist of four days of work at your internship placement, one learning day and two days of free time/weekend.


Each participant works independently in their internship to develop and implement a specific project.  Each works with their NGO mentor and other staff on an ongoing and cooperative basis, and travels to rural areas as needed to understand how to deliver benefit to the population the organization serves. Learn more about your internship in India.

Learning Days: Once a week, all participants will spend a day together learning about social change in all its many facets. We’ll meet with leading NGOs, make on-site visits, learn from leaders in media, politics, business and culture regarding the role each can play in bringing about social change. See more information about the Adaptive Leadership learning component.

Personal Time

Weekends: The weekends in India – as in much of the Western world – fall on Saturday and Sunday. You will be free to utilize your weekends to explore, engage and travel each week.

Holidays/ Time Off: In the middle of your time in India, you’ll have one week of vacation over the New Year’s holiday. In addition, you’ll have two weeks of independent travel time to explore the country before we meet back in Mumbai for our group flight back to Israel.

Stage III

LIFE in Israel: The remainder of the program takes place in Jerusalem, Israel where LIFE participants will live in a residential neighborhood, learn and use Hebrew and intern in a leading NGO.  Like in India, LIFE participants will intern for four days of the work week (which in Israel runs from Sunday through Thursday), experience enjoy one learning day and enjoy free time on Friday and Shabbat. 

After a brief re-acculturation and orientation to Israel that takes place the first two weeks back in Israel, we’ll once again begin the basic routine established in India with adaptations suited to the unique opportunities that Israel provides. In addition to internships and learning days, while in Israel LIFE participants will  also benefit from:

Hebrew Ulpan: For over a month, you will take an intensive Hebrew language course to help you integrate into Israel. Overall, you receive 64 hours of training over the course of 12 meetings at the Rechavia based Beit Mitchell.

Independent and Team Projects: You and your peers will have the opportunity to undertake and complete a project that will help affect social change in Israel. This is a part of LIFE’s overall focus on professional and leadership development.

Four Day Study Tour to Jordan: LIFE participants will have the unique opportunity to travel together to Jordan to meet and learn from leaders in that country’s social sector. We will meet with leading NGOs and explore issues of social change in the Arab world.